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Linda Carso is the only marketing and communications professional who has actually gotten work for my company.

-- Harold K., San Diego, California

Linda has been more than a career coach - she has been my mentor and my advisor during several transitions in my professional life. Linda is great at what she does. If I had to choose one area of her expertise it would be the way she has prepared me for my job interviews. I have never failed to receive a job offer after using Linda's interview approach and rehearsals. You may contact me if you would like to hear more about my experiences with Linda as my coach.

-- Irene M., Boise, Idaho

I worked with Linda 2 years ago when I discovered that I was being passed over for job interviews because of something that recruiter(s) saw on the internet. The information was unflattering and I could find no way to correct it. I felt trapped with this "thing" that was having a seriously negative impact on my professional growth. Linda fixed the problem. I don't know how she did it, but I am forever grateful for her help.

-- Kipp Q., Waterford, Michigan

Linda is a phenomenal coach. Our company has over 30 staff members and she kept us all riveted on her presentation for Strategic Planning.

-- Cheryl S., Jackson, Wyoming

Ms. Carso is a task-oriented business professional. Her expertise has positively impacted ERT's ability to move forward to the next level in the technical proposal arena for federal contracts. ERT looks forward to working with her again.

-- Rick G., Boise, Idaho

Linda, thank you for your excellent work. Thank you for your patience. Our people had never before worked on this kind of procurement proposal. We know how to build (you have seen our projects), but we did not know how to communicate that knowledge to the Navy. That is what you did for us - you showed us how to communicate what we needed our prospective clients to know about us. We are very happy with the new promotional materials which you designed for our company. They look great!

-- Hector H., Chula Vista, California

I contacted Linda at a low point in my life. I had been out of work for almost 2 years following a brain aneurism that almost took my life. When I told Linda that I wanted to work she assured me that I could and would find a job! I think that it was Linda's confidence in me that made the difference. Linda and I updated my resume and Linda posted it at different sites. Within 2 weeks of contacting Linda - I had a full-time job with excellent benefits.

-- Willy A., Bonita, California

I've worked with Linda several times over the past 6 years. She is my go-to professional whenever I need editing for my business website.

-- Irene T., Idaho Falls, Idaho

Thank you for bringing Max's dyslexia to our attention. Now we are able to communicate this information to his teachers at school.

-- Diana A., Chula Vista, California

Linda produced excellent presentation teams for our company with people who had little or no training in formal speaking. We weren't comfortable with Powerpoint and Linda found a way for us to make our presentation without it. And - our company won the job!

-- Kris L., San Diego, California

Ms. Carso is a specialist in "colloquial translation"; i.e. she is able to take the vernacular of a particular profession (in our case, that of structural engineers) and put it into words which the reader/audience is apt to be most responsive.

-- Wayne C., San Diego, California

Linda Carso would be a tremendous asset to any client that desires more effective and economical project management.

-- Barb W., Lansing, Michigan

I credit Ms. Carso's project procurement skills for the successful outcome of our endeavors. Two NAVFAC MACC contracts were awarded to our team.

-- George M., San Diego, California

We had a great many qualified candidates for this position (Development Director), but Linda's strong business background and her impressive record of funds procurement makes her a most valuable asset to the C/S Team.

-- Ed W., Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Linda's sessions were strategically designed to draw out each participant's involvement in shared questioning and dialogue about issues and challenges relative to our business. My employees and I regard this Strategic Planning Session as a milestone in the improvements (ongoing) in how we communicate internally - as well as with our clients.

-- Brice W, National City, California

My SENTRI appeal has been granted. I could never have maneuvered through the confusing requirements without your help,

-- Mary, Bonita, California

Thank you for helping Christina with her English course essays. She loves working with you, and we are celebrating her first A grade in her sophomore year.

-- Pamela, Redford, Michigan

I had put off getting my GED for four years. Thank you for helping me to achieve this goal!

-- Ashley G, Waterford, Michigan

Linda Carso